Security cameras catch stranger touching himself in Spokane woman's backyard

One family is absolutely shocked after what they found a man doing in their backyard.

Denise says she was at home doing her nails, when her daughter Jenay took the dog outside to go to the bathroom.

“The dog charged and chased something out of the yard,” she says.

They noticed a shadow so they went to review the surveillance video. They saw a man wandering around the backyard, and eventually stopping in front of the sliding glass door, peering inside. He was about three feet from where Denise was, and she says in the video, you can see him masturbating.

“I felt violated that he was looking in, but then doing that?” she says.

They say he didn’t seem to notice the cameras, and seemed like he was pretty comfortable in their backyard. The scary part was that he was able to make it through their six-foot fence, and locked gates. Denise says when the police checked their home, they found a part of the fence that looked like it had been pried open and used a few times. So they’re not sure if this is the first time he’s done this.

The family just hopes people are more vigilant now. 

“Never let your guard down,” Denise and Jenay say. 

This happened just south of Glass Park. The family did file a police report and they say they’re offering a reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of this person. If you know anything, contact police immediately.

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