Security increased at Lewis and Clark after social media threats

Update: Spokane Public Schools said in a voicemail sent to parents Tuesday night that law enforcement is investigating following an increase in the number of social media threats against Lewis and Clark High School.

The voicemail said there will be an increased number of school resource officers and Spokane Police officers on campus Wednesday.

This is an update to the message sent out this morning to Lewis and Clark staff, students and families regarding threats made to students at Lewis and Clark via social media.

Law enforcement does not believe any of the threats received the past 24 hours to be credible, however multiple law-enforcement agencies are now involved to find the individual, or individuals responsible for the messages.

Spokane Public Schools will once again have an increased presence of Campus Resource Officers along with Spokane Police Department tomorrow, Wednesday, May 30 at Lewis and Clark High School to support the L.C. community.

Additional details weren't immediately available Tuesday night. As we learn more we will update this story.

Previous coverage:

Security has been increased at Lewis and Clark High School following a social media threat, according to the school. 

A voicemail went out to parents on Tuesday that administrators were made aware of a threat on social media and as a result, security will be increased at the school for the rest of the week. 

The nature of the threat was not specified.