Senator Cantwell wants tougher gun control laws

Senator Maria Cantwell was in Spokane on Wednesday visiting with constituents. During a Q&A session, the senator told KHQ local news that she "believes anyone who is on the no-fly list shouldn't be able to own a gun." The Senator also told KHQ that the United States Senate and Congress need to act on banning bump stocks which allow a semi-automatic rifle fire off rounds like a fully automatic weapon. Earlier this week President Trump directed the Department of Justice to prohibit gun modifications just like the bump stock. 

Senator Cantwell also discussed raising the age to purchase a rifle from 18-years-old to 21-years-old. And that more information and data should be communicated and people that have made threats, and what can be done stop and prevent tragedies. But, when pressed on the issue of banning the AR-15 and similar weapons, she said the federal government should take a page out of Washington States gun laws. "I think what we need to do is take the good success that Washington state has done on closing the background loophole and dealing with the mental health issue and get those implemented at the federal level."

While Cantwell believes that Washington State law on closing the background check loophole and dealing with the mental health issue should be implemented at the federal level, It was a different story when she was asked about a full ban on rifles like the AR-15 "so no interest in the ban of certain?" "thank you," said the senator.