SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane man who pleaded guilty to raping a woman in 1999 will face a judge and learn his fate on Jan. 8, 2020.

While in a hearing Wednesday, 56-year-old Theodore Milam made a request for new representation.

Milam reportedly has stage three kidney disease and told the judge his counsel is not doing what he wants him to do. When asked to elaborate, Milam said, "I want a better deal."

According to the presiding judge, Milam must show "just cause" for new counsel and denied Milam's request. 

Milam pleaded guilty to the brutal rape of Rhonda Mager in November 2019. 

In 1999, Mager had just returned from the grocery store when she turned around and saw Milam standing in her doorway wearing a black mask and black gloves.

Mager said Milam pushed her down and began stomping on her head. He then dragged her through her house, from room to room before tying her up, placing a plastic bag over her head and raping her.

Milam broke 18 of Mager's bones and got away with the crime for almost 20 years. Milam was picked up in connection to felony property crime charges in 2018 and was required to provide DNA, which matched the DNA collected from the rape. 

According to detectives, Milan's DNA also connected him to a brutal 1986 murder in Pasco, Washington. He is expected to plead guilty in that case as well.