Christine Powell

SPOKANE, Wash. - 25-year-old mother of two, Ashley Horning, is in the Spokane County jail on a million dollar bond, accused of shooting and killing the mother of her ex-boyfriend, Christine Powell.

In a conversation with KHQ, Powell's son, Greg, says that the bullet that took his mom's life was actually meant for him.

"She literally took a bullet for me and saved [the daughter he shares with Ashley] from being either taken or parentless. Acts of heroism like this should be celebrated and it's just sad she had to pay the ultimate price. She was a protective momma bear until the end."

KHQ asked Greg what he remembers from Thursday morning.

He tells us, "I was in the back and my mom answered and told me someone wanted to talk to me. Then as I come around the corner, Ashley busted in the door with a gun to my mom's face, so I turned around for a stick and my phone to call for help. My mom kept telling me to call and stay back. By the time I grabbed my phone, Ashley shot her in the face... My mom prevented her from coming after me and after Ashley shot she ran."

Ashley Horning told KHQ in an exclusive interview that she does not remember the shooting at all. She says she woke up feeling panicky, then thought she went back to sleep. But then she "came to" and discovered she was by the Spokane River, and was wanted for murder.

Court documents say that a man she'd been seeing for about two weeks came to pick her up, and convinced her to surrender to police.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover funeral expenses, which can be found here: