Ellensburg PD Turtle

Ellensburg Police had to deal with quite the slow traffic hazard, and it was turtle-ly a great opportunity for a social media post.

"Patrols wound up in a pursuit, well more of a standoff with little turtle as he almost created a traffic hazard while trying to cross the road," EPD wrote in a Facebook post.

Officers were able to step out of their shell and help the turtle before it got hurt or caused any other traffic issues, because who knows how long it would've taken for it to finish its trek across the road.

"Thankfully, Patrols spotted him (or maybe her) and safely guided this turtle across the street! #PatrolHeros#WhyDidTheTurtleCrossTheRoad #ThankfullyWeWork12’s #Safety," EPD concluded in the post.

In hindsight, hopefully police weren't preventing this turtle from making it to a sewer to join their buddies Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael for some pizza.

Either way though, thanks for stepping up EPD. If things escalated further, that really could have scared the shell out of drivers and the turtle.