Sheriff Alan Botzheim's Open Letter to the Citizens of Pend Oreille County Regarding 2nd Amendment

PEND OREILLE COUNTY, Wash. - With gun control a major topic around the nation, many Sheriffs in Washington and Idaho counties have released their position on the 2nd Amendment. Tuesday, the Sheriff of Pend Oreille County, Mr. Alan Botzheim, released his position to KHQ. It is stated in full as follows:

To the Citizens of Pend Oreille County,

Recently, there has been much discussion and debate from all sides regarding gun control.

As the Sheriff of Pend Oreille County, I was elected by our citizens to serve our citizens.  I do that by honoring my Oath of Office in supporting the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Washington.

I hold my Oath of Office as the guiding commitment to my actions each and every day.  As such, my office will not participate in any action that would violate our citizens' Constitutional rights, to include the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. 

My pledge to you is that I will remain steadfast in defending your freedoms, preserving the peace and tranquility and securing your individual rights enumerated through the Constitution of the United States. 

I remain, first and foremost responsible and accountable to you, the citizens of Pend Oreille County. 



Alan Botzheim, Sheriff

Pend Oreille County