In an exclusive sit-down interview with KHQ, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich spoke extensively about Rep. Matt Shea's recent controversy on Wednesday.

"When you take a look at the context of those communications, this isn't about Matt being worried about death threats. This is about him, and his organization, and those around him targeting political enemies," Knezovich said.

"How do you become a political enemy of Matt Shea? Don't agree with him 110%. That's all it takes... That is how he operates. He does put pressure on people that don't always agree with him and he's willing to target. What you see in that is not him doing background checks on people he thinks might be after him. He's doing background checks on political enemies, according to his mindset. This is very concerning," he said.

Knezovich said he's notified the FBI about the recent developments, but noted that the federal agency doesn't disclose whether or not it's actively investigating a case.

"We won't know unless we need to take part in it... I don't know if there is or isn't an active investigation into this right now," he said.

Knezovich also said more developments will arise about Matt Shea's connections to dangerous groups, including white supremacists.

"The bottom line is when are the people of the 4th Legislative District going to get tired of Matt Shea's embarrassments? And there's more to come, folks. This isn't the last shoe to drop. There are more and more people coming forward," he said.

"I get really tired of people hearing that, 'Well, we don't care about his character. We just like the way he votes on issues.' The day this country stops caring about the character of their elected officials is the day that we will lose this republic. We are on the very fast, slippery slope because character doesn't count anymore and that should be the number one issue if you elected someone to represent you. "