LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. - Right now, a fundraiser is underway at a Pita Pit in Liberty Lake to help one high school girl fight an unthinkable diagnosis.

Just days before stepping into Ridgeline High, incoming sophomore Peyton Begovich wasn't buying school supplies, but dealing with something much harder to overcome.

"She was excited to be starting school finally in person her sophomore year of high school, dreaming of coming to homecoming which was this last weekend and now it's like fighting this horrible cancer," Breanne Stachofsky, Payton's aunt said.

15-year-old Peyton went in for an eye exam before school started and realized something was off when she couldn't see out of the corner of her left eye.

"That was her only symptom," Stachofsky said.

An MRI at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital Labor Day weekend confirmed the worst.

"They did an MRI right away and they found a mass on her head... her brain," Patty Vogt, Payton's grandma said.

Doctors diagnosed Payton with Glioblastoma Multiforme - a very aggressive stage 4 inoperable brain cancer.

"It was just so sudden," Vogt said.

"It's a nightmare something you wish to never hear especially in a 15-year-old girl," Stachofsky said.

A clinical trial at Seattle Children's Hospital and radiation therapy at the University of Washington could be the family's saving grace.

"The clinical trial was shown to decrease the tumor in mice," she said.

"She's on her third week right now, she's doing really well her spirit is really high and she's really positive," Vogt said. "She's fighting and she's going to make it."

Doctors are hopeful it could add several years to Payton's life, but the trial isn't cheap, and costs are piling up.

"The Airbnb was already $10,000 because she can't leave Seattle for the whole month while on the clinical trial," Stachofsky said.

So now they're asking for your help. To donate a pita for Payton at the Pita Pit off Liberty Lake Road.

"They reached out to us," she said.

Dozens of orders already in.... the community's support not unknown to this family who's most thankful.

"We came up with the purple out theme for Payton and that happened on Tuesday, and I was surprised at how many people wore purple," Kaylie Hogan, Payton's lifelong best friend said.

"Even other high schools beyond ridgeline were wearing purple for Payton. Isn't that amazing," Stachofsky said. "It makes Payton smile and happy and that's what it's about."

If you want to donate, the fundraiser ends at 9 p.m. Wednesday so you still have time to come on down to the Liberty Lake Road Pita Pit.

$3 from every pita, salad or rice bowl will be donated directly to Payton's family. There are also shirts and wrist bands for sale, which all of those proceed will go directly to help the family with medical bills and hospital stays.

If you can't make it out to the Pita Pit, but still want to help, you can donate to their GoFundMe:

Or buy "Payton Power" t-shirts, long sleeves or caps here:


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