Since late May, when City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller began pushing the city to repeal its ban on saggy pants, the ordinance has been hotly debated. It presently allows Shreveport Police to stop, fine, and potentially arrest anybody wearing saggy pants. Fines range from $100-$250, and community service hours can also be assigned.

Many community members, including Mayor Adrian Perkins and his administration, have reported that the ban largely targets African American men. Mayor Perkins and his administration note that they strongly support the ban’s repeal, as does the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana.

The Shreveport Police Department have revealed data insinuating that since its enactment in 2007, there have been over 700 arrest violations. The ban received a heightened amount of attention after Anthony Childs’ death in February. Childs, an African American man who was stopped by a police officer on the basis of his saggy pants, was killed in the resulting shootout.

Councilwoman Fuller has reported that the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana has additionally threatened to sue if the Council does not repeal the ordinance. She adds that she does not believe further legal actions will be necessary, as she expects the ban to be effectively repealed.

The Shreveport City Council will convene at 3pm on Tuesday, June 11th to decide on the ban’s possible repeal.

This article was written by KHQ Intern Hannah Mumm

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