Single mom of two has car stolen

25-year-old Ashley a single mom of two hasn't had the best of luck. Last week her wallet with her food stamp card, college ID, credit card, and 500 dollars went missing. She was going to use that money to buy her kids a new mattress, "That made me really sad. That made me cry for two days," said Ashley. 

And today? Things took a turn for the worse. Ashley found out her 1999 Chevy metro was stolen overnight. Taking her only lifeline away "My car is very important. I go to and back from visitations and I'm homeschooling, I go to the co-op and have all sorts of things that we have to do each week. My daughter is in speech therapy, and we need a car," Ashley said.

Ashley filed a report about the stolen car. The license plate number on the Chevy Metro is 637-WVF, and the car has two big dents on the rear wheel wells. She also had two car seats, a library CD and her gps unit were also inside the car. Ashley hopes whoever took it will return it and that police will find whoever did this "i just hope that he be convicted."

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