Snow-covered sidewalks causing problems in Spokane County

Snow-covered sidewalks are causing problems in Spokane County. One pedestrian says every winter, he feels like he has to remind people to do their part.

Stan Tillemans takes his time while walking.

“I walk with a cane. I don't go anywhere without it. I got a bad right leg,” he says.

That's why he lives near a bus stop and the grocery store because he can’t drive. But when the sidewalks get snowy, it makes it even more difficult for him to get around.

“Walking in two feet of snow when you're semi crippled is not safe,” he says. “I've seen some people here with electric wheelchairs. They're not coming out in this. They're not getting around.”

The city of Spokane Valley pushes for voluntary compliance, but they do require property owners to clear their sidewalks of snow. If you don’t, you could get a ticket. But the city does say most of the time, once code enforcement notifies the property owner, the problem sidewalks are cleared off.

Stan just hopes everyone will do so because it’s a part of being a good neighbor.

“Take care of the sidewalks. Shovel it so people that are walking can get to where they need to safely,” he says.

Code enforcement doesn’t actively patrol for snowy sidewalks, but they do say if you notice a problem area, report it. You can either call 509-921-1000 or report it online for Spokane Valley. For the City of Spokane, you can report it here:

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