Soldiers trade fatigues for fire gear

On Monday dozens of firefighters worked clearing brush from homes in the Priest Lake area. But most of these firefighters have never done anything like this before.

"This is something new, something I've never had a chance to do before," says Sgt. David Graves.

That's because they're not firefighters, they're soldiers. Just a few days ago Army Sgt. David Graves was working as a mechanic at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

"I make sure the vehicle is operating up to standard in case it has to go out on a mission," Sgt. Graves says.

Now he's standing on a different kind of front line.

"It's pretty scary. I never really knew it could get that bad." 

The fire season this year has been so bad, this is the first year the Idaho Panhandle National Forest has ever had to call on the military for help. But for soldiers like Sgt. Graves, helping out was a no brainer.

"I kind of put myself in their shoes and I said 'Hey if this was my home I would love for somebody to come out and help protect it."

No matter the uniform, the bravery shines through.

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