Someone stole a California acrobat's 7-foot unicycle

Someone took off with a 7-foot unicycle from the famed "Red Panda Acrobat" at San Francisco International Airport last week. Her agent is offering a $2,000 reward for its safe return, no questions asked. 

San Francisco Police Airport Division released surveillance photos of a man with a ponytail and a beard who walked into the baggage claim on January 24 and walked out with a black roller suitcase that had the unicycle inside. He's seen in the photos wheeling the case away on a cart. The unicycle is worth $25,000.

Since the unicycle went missing, Rong Niu, who performs at NBA basketball games and universities nationwide, has been devastated. 

"She's heartbroken. It's like her baby was kidnapped. She's had that unicycle for 30 years," her agent Pat Figley told KTVU.

Figley says Niu arrived in San Francisco from Denver and was waiting for her bag to come on the conveyor belt. She saw it from about 10 feet away, but Figley thinks someone must have grabbed it, either on purpose or by accident. He's hoping whoever it is returns it.

Police are still searching for the suspect. The San Mateo County Sheriff's Cargo Task Force is also working the case.

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