Sonic rolls out new Pickle Juice, Tiger's Blood flavored slushes

Starting Monday you can now try a pickle juice slush at Sonic. If pickles aren't your jam, you can partake in a flavor called Tiger's Blood. For less adventurous slush fans, Sonic also announced Blue Hawaiian and Bahama Mama flavors. 

News of the pickle juice flavor first hit the internet back in March, to many raised eyebrows. 

Now you can try it for yourself as part of Sonic's new Snow Cone slushes. 

If  you want to add a little extra pop to your pickle juice, you can also customize the drinks by adding fruit flavors or candy.

There's no real description of what the Tiger's Blood flavor actually tastes like, but with a name like that, who wouldn't want to try it out?

What do you think? Have Sonic's new flavors gone too far?

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