South Spokane shooting victim left blind, says he wants justice

It was a crime that sent shock waves from the South Hill all over Spokane. Two people shot just feet from their apartments. The manhunt for their killer lasted days.

The 64-year-old survivor of that ambush and his family reached out to KHQ's Hayley Guenthner to share his story. Mike Troy was shot in the face but miraculously lived. His brother Gene said it's been an agonizing month.

"He's never harmed anyone," Gene said. "It's dark in there. I know that. That part I know."

The shooting left Mike blind.

"It went in his temple and out his eye," Gene said. "It took a little bit of the left brain out."

Gene said his brother, at 64-years-old, is learning how to exist again.

"It's a huge change over," he said. "He has to start a new life."

Mike worked as a blackjack dealer. It was both a passion and a profession. He also managed the apartment complex where he was gunned down. Two things his brother said he will no longer be able to do.

"He's not going back to work," he said.

Mike's days are spent doing back to back physical therapy appointments. The pain is excruciating, but the family is focusing on the positive. At least Mike survived. His friend, the apartment complex owner Danette Kain was not so lucky. She was fatally shot in the stairwell.

Loved ones say Mike is focused on healing and getting his day in court.

"She'll have to pay for what she did, that's all he says," Gene said. "He's not angry. He wants justice."

Anne Carpenter was arrested for the crimes. The 23-year-old suspect's father lived at the complex and may have been facing eviction, according to court documents. A motive is still unclear.

Mike worked his whole life to help those in need. He's hopeful the community will return the favor. If you're interested in helping Mike, click here:

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