SPD Chief Craig Meidl on body cam footage: 'The most atrocious demeanor by an officer I've seen'

Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl held a press conference Tuesday afternoon regarding the behavior of one of his officer's caught on body camera during an arrest last year. 

The video shows an officer "confront and swear at a suspect in his car after the suspect threatened to shoot him," according to Chief Meidl. 

Body cameras captured the incident from last January after officers responded to a domestic violence call near 3rd and Altamont and took suspect Ronney Lacey into custody. Video on the ride to jail shows Officer Chris McMurtrey on body cam confronting Lacey, who allegedly threatened to shoot the officer and his family. McMurtrey and Lacey continue to verbally spar back and forth all the way to the Spokane County Jail.

A Sergeant reviewing the footage made a formal complaint and Officer McMurtrey was taken off patrol and given a desk job. 

It's "the most atrocious demeanor by an officer I've seen in my 23 years here," Meidl said on Tuesday. Despite that, Chief Meidl said Tuesday that he is comfortable with McMurtrey being back out on patrol. 

The officer, Christopher McMurtrey, was removed from patrol to go through training, but is now back on patrol, according to Meidl.

McMurtrey is a Senior Police Officer who served in the Army for 4 years and as an officer with the Eastern Washington University Police Department for two and a half years, according to a previous news release from the City of Spokane. The same release from 2015 also names McMurtrey as a SWAT Team member, and a Use of Force instructor.

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