SPOKANE, Wash. - Set to be sworn in later this month, mayor-elect Nadine Woodward has selected a City Administrator and has announced multiple positions for her administration.

Woodward is asking multiple current Cabinet members to remain in their positions, including Police Chief Craig Meidl and Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer.

Other members she has asked to remain in their positions include: 

  • Scott Simmons as Director of Public Works
  • Mike Ormsby as City Attorney
  • Brandy Cote as Director of the Mayor’s office
  • Chris Cavanaugh as Director of Human Resources
  • Eric Finch as Chief Information Technology Officer.
  • These positions won't need re-confirmation by City Council.

Wes Crago has been named the Spokane City Administrator by Woodward.

“Wes has a strong history of relationship building, budgeting, union negotiations, and crisis management. I am impressed with his leadership style, listening skills, and collaborative approach in working with citizens and staff,” said Mayor-elect Woodward.

Crago has served as the Ephrata City Administrator the past 16 years and also has experience as a City Council Member, teacher and coach.

Wes Crago


“I am very excited to be a part of this beautiful city, serve with such a professional Mayor and staff, and do my part to sustain and improve what makes Spokane great,” said Mr. Crago.

Additionally, Woodward will be recommending several interim positions to be confirmed by City Council, including: 

  • Garrett Jones, Director of Parks and Recreation
  • Timothy Sigler, Director of Community, Housing and Human Services
  • Tija Danzig, Senior Manager, Community, Housing and Human Services
  • Paul Ingiosi, Budget Director
  • Carly Cortright, Director of Customer Experience
  • Kris Becker, Director of Development Services, Code Enforcement and Parking
  • Clint Harris, Director of Streets.

Thomas Bartridge has been appointed as the leader of Woodward's transition team, while Anna Everano will serve as Woodward's scheduling assistant during the transition.

Woodward will hold her swearing-in ceremony at the U.S. Pavilion in Riverfront Park on Monday, Dec. 30 at 12 p.m. An evening reception is scheduled to follow from 5-7 p.m.