Child Enticement Case In Coeur d' Alene

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE FROM SPD: The Spokane Police Nighttime Patrol Anti-Crime Team (PACT) arrested prolific criminal Christopher C. McCracken (4/17/73) Monday around 5pm. McCracken knew he was wanted on outstanding warrants, eluded officers to the best of his ability, fought with officers and was ultimately booked into the Spokane County Jail on two Felony violations of a Domestic Violence No Contact Order.

McCracken's adventure began yesterday afternoon in the Tradewinds parking lot, 907 W. 3rd Ave when bail bondsmen were attempting to take him into custody on the warrants. McCracken refused to obey their commands and began driving towards the bondsmen. McCracken accelerated, backing over the parking barrier, over the sidewalk, over a parking meter onto 3rd Avenue. He drove north on Lincoln, leaving the parking meter in the middle of the street. McCracken completely disregarded all vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Spokane Police responded and were unable to locate McCracken, although they did speak with a female who has a no contact order prohibiting McCracken from being anywhere near her. She was concerned about statements McCracken had made that he would not go back to jail, and he may be in possession of a handgun. She alluded to McCracken possibly using the handgun to avoid arrest. Officers established probable cause to arrest McCracken on the new felony order violation.

Members of the Nighttime PACT team located McCracken around 5pm near 3500 S. Marshall. When Ofc. Sean Wheeler and Ofc. Jeremy Daniel attempted to arrest McCracken, he ran towards a wooded area, over a barb wire fence and into thick foliage. McCracken fell into a heavily wooded brush area, and Ofc. Wheeler attempted to control his upper body. Ofc. Wheeler was carrying his rifle slung over his shoulder and McCracken reached out and grabbed the barrel of the rifle during the struggle. Knowing this was an extremely dangerous situation, Ofc. Wheeler subdued and gained control of McCracken.

McCracken was booked into the Spokane County Jail on the two order violation charges as well as the warrants (for order violations and intimidating witness charges).

This is a prime example of how a possibly deadly encounter resulted in an arrest with relatively minor injuries. Officers entered the situation knowing McCracken was a danger to the community, possibly armed and had an extensive criminal history related to drug abuse and violence. McCracken made very attempt to avoid arrest with no regard for law enforcement or Spokane Citizens.


Spokane Police Department

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