Speeding Florida Police Officers Kill 19 People Over The Past 8 Years.. And Most Of The Time They Were OFF DUTY!

DAILYMAIL.COM - Instead of catching the speeders who drive excessively fast in southern Florida, police officers are some of the states' worst offenders.

A recent investigation links police to 320 crashes and 19 deaths since 2004.

One of the most shocking figures to come out of the search is that only one of the police officers involved was put behind bars, for a paltry 60 days.

The law-breaking cops weren't limited to one precinct or area, but included 800 officers who drove between 90 and 130 miles per hour.

Much of this dangerous driving was not even done in hot-pursuit of runaway criminals. Instead, it was done by the officers when they weren't on the job.

The investigation, conducted by The sun Sentinel, prompted investigations by the respective police departments involved.

The extreme majority of the speeding police cars were driving between 90 and 110 miles- well above the states' speed limits which vary between 60 and 70 miles per hour depending on the type of highway.

In total, 21 people- including some of the police officers speeding themselves- were either killed or maimed as a result of their excessive speeding. click here to read the full story

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