Spiders looking for love as mating season is underway in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Are you noticing more spiders around your home? Do they seem bigger than normal? It's not all in your heard. Local exterminators say they're receiving call after call for homeowners concerned about spider infestations.

"This is mating season," said Raymond VanderLouw. "This is go time for spiders. You have to go after the girl's right now while you can."

Vanderlouw with Eden Advanced Pest Technologies says it's a busy time in his industry. KHQ tagged along for a house call Monday. He says the quick dip in temperatures is having spiders more eager than normal to start a family.

"They are just trying to reproduce before the cold weather sets in," he said. "People would be surprised how many spiders there actually are around their home."

Spiders are smart. They can quickly prey on the smallest of vulnerabilities to get inside your space.

"They're looking," he said. "They're out moving around right now."

Experts say a few simple tweaks around your home can make a huge difference. They recommend making sure nothing is pushed up right against your home, think things like trash bins or fire wood. Place them at least a few inches away. Also, brush away spider webs. If their environment is tampered with like that, Vanderlouw says they may start looking elsewhere.

Finally, invest in some sticky traps. Although it may be troubling to see what they pick up, at least then you'll know exactly what you're dealing with.

"They do work, yeah," he said. "It's good to put them right by a door. Once they're inside they get established. They can mate, they can lay eggs. Once they get in, there isn't a draw to go anywhere else."