Spokane 10-year-old takes on American Ninja Warrior Jr

When you think of American Ninja Warrior, you probably think of athletes who've been training for years. One Spokane competitor, Lindsey Zimmerman, is making her debut Saturday, at just 10 years old.

Three years ago, the Zimmermans found their sport, but it wouldn't be as easy as installing a basketball hoop. They'd have to build a Ninja Warrior fortress.

"It's just been a blast to do as a family," Sandy Zimmerman, Lindsey's mother, said.

With over 40 obstacles in the backyard, 10-year-old Lindsey Zimmerman couldn't let her parents have all the fun. So she gave up the monkey bars, and started climbing walls instead.

"I've been working on the devil steps for a long time," Lindsey Zimmerman said.

Lindsey's parents can modify the course to make it "kid friendly," but Lindsey invites the challenge.

She had been working all summer at the devil steps, something that won't be featured on American Ninja Warrior Junior, because it's that tough.

"I'm off doing one obstacle, she's out on the steps, then all of a sudden I hear 'I got it,'" Sandy Zimmerman said.

Sandy said Ninja Warrior is more than just a physical challenge, it brings life lessons.

"Life takes grit, it takes determination," Sandy Zimmerman said.

Something that, Sandy says, her kid's got.

Lindsey will be on the American Ninja Warrior Junior premiere tonight on Universal Kids at 7 pm. 

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