Field Mouse

SPOKANE, Wash. - Humans aren’t the only ones who aren’t thrilled about Spokane’s recent winter weather.

Field mice aren’t a big fan either, and they’re trying to get away from the cold. Sprague Pest Solutions director of accounts Tim Gallagher says now is the time to rodent proof everything.

“They’re trying to get into a warm place to spend the winter, and your homes are a great place,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher says the biggest culprits are cracks under doors, vents, pipe openings, holes in siding and dock plates. He recommends sealing openings to keep homes rodent free, because mice can be more than an annoyance. They can also be a health hazard.

“They carry a lot of disease with them too,” Gallagher said. “Like the deer mouse, they’re one that’s known to carry the hantavirus.”

Sprague Pest Solutions says mice can also spread salmonella and contaminate food with their droppings. Gallagher says mice leave a pheromone trail that attracts other rodents, and to bleach any mouse trails or markings. He says a door sweep with metal mesh inside is also an effective way to keep mice outside.