Nude Woman Art Mural

SPOKANE - Local artists Susan Webber and Shelby Allison have started to work on a new public mural downtown and in its infancy, might look like it could turn into a a pair of nude women. The Spokane arts director says however, there's still much more to be done. 

Spokane Arts Director, Melissa Huggins told KHQ Monday night, "The wall is 160-feet long and will take two artists working full-time for 6 weeks to complete the painting process."

Right now, Webber and Allison are only two days into the project and, "Would appreciate a bit of patience... This design was chosen through a thorough, juried process that involved nearby business owners, downtown residents, and city of Spokane art commissioners." 

So if you pass by the mural and feel a little shocked in the next few days, don't be too alarmed. Spokane Arts says it would never fund something inappropriate. 

Huggins says in the end, the two women will represent mother nature, filled in with everything that makes the Lilac City so beautiful.