EU moves to full ban pesticides that harm bees

Spokane has the largest bee club in the state of Washington with close to 300 members. Saturday was package bee day at a local farm, so we went to find out what the buzz was about.

Jerry Tate has a special place in his heart for bees because, he says, they're part of the family.

"It's all family-run and family-owned," Tate said. "It started in 1971 by my dad and my uncle."

It's safe to say the Tate family is full of worker bees.

"All of my kids have worked in this business. All of my grandkids from about the age of 5 start working here."

Their farm, like a hive, attracts beekeepers from all over. On Saturday, beekeepers swarmed to Tate's to pick up packages of 10,000 bees.

"We raise honey here, we raise bees, we do pollinating in Green Bluff, we sell bee equipment here," Tate explained.

So what's included in the $141 bee package?

"That's 3 lbs of bees, which is equivalent to about 10,000 bees, and a brand new queen out of California. They'll grow into a hive by about the first of June, middle of June, to about 60,000," Tate said.

Year after year Jerry keeps the family tradition alive and continues to raise generations of beekeepers.

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