Spokane 'bill of rights' makes it to November ballot

SPOKANE, Wash. - As the November election nears, signs are popping up around the area for and against ballot measures and none, perhaps, more visible than Proposition 4.

A few months ago, in front of Spokane City Hall, people gathered to protest 'Envision Spokane,' a grassroots effort to create a 'bill of rights' for Spokane citizens. Despite the protest, the Spokane City Council voted 5 to 2 to put the issue - Proposition 4 - on the November ballot and now, the decision will be left up to you.

Even before the issue made the ballot, 'Proposition 4' has stirred up controversy with supporters on both sides of the issue.

Supporters say the 'bill of rights' makes Spokane healthy, democratic and sustainable - an extension of the City's comprehensive plan passed by the City Council.

Opponents say it is vague and against democracy.

The group 'Save Our Spokane,' has said that all of these proposed rights would create a nightmare of legal fees for the City tying up courtrooms and diminishing other services to balance out the additional costs.

Spokane County is unable to publish voter guides for the upcoming election due to a lack of funds.

You can read more information about 'Envision Spokane' and 'Save Our Spokane' online.

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