SPOKANE, Wash. -- Earlier this summer, KHQ introduced you to a little boy named Noah. He was born with a rare, fatal heart condition. He needed a risky surgery that a medical team in Boston agreed to take on. But the family had a big problem with getting there.

Because Noah relies on a variety of equipment to stay alive and had an extreme sensitivity headed into the surgery to germs, their only option to get to the Boston Children's Hospital was an RV.

Within hours of KHQ's Hayley Guenthner sharing their story, offers to help poured in. The company Outdoorsy turned out to the best fit and donated an RV for the family to use on this journey.

On Monday, Noah finally had his surgery. His mother Tanasha Alderson says they are hopeful for Noah's future.

"Things are looking on the positive side," she said. "We are cautiously optimistic. He has a long way to go to make sure the new re-routing of his heart will work well for him. They did need to put in a pacemaker, but that's been helping a lot."

Noah is currently sedated to ensure he doesn't pull on any of the equipment that is currently helping him. This will also ensure that he will get the rest his little body is so desperate for.

The family is going to have to stay in Boston weeks longer than expected, but they say they'll do absolutely anything to get their little man healthy.

To follow along on their journey, search "Noah the Brave" on Facebook.