Spokane City Council

The Spokane City Council has voted yes on the noise ordinance that aims to curb loud protests outside healthcare facilities. The vote was 6-1. 

The ordinance gives patients the right to sue if protesters have an effect on their care. 

Before the vote dozens of people spoke about why they protest at Planned Parenthood as well as dozens of people who spoke about why the ordinance should be passed. 

After public comment, the City Council members spoke about the ordinance. 

Councilwoman Karen Stratton supported the ordinance and said, "noise is a weapon, words is a weapon, it is inciting fear. What I fear is someone with both groups are going to be injured."

Kate Burke, Lori Kinnear, and Betsy Wilkerson also spoke about supporting the ordinance.

Michael Cathcart said he is voted no on the ordinance because it is too hard to determine where the noise is coming from.