Spokane, community agencies practice response to infection disease threats

If something like an ebola outbreak was to happen, are we prepared? Federal and local agencies teamed up on Wednesday to practice through a simulation.

They brought in a large Medevac plane to practice their response to infectious disease threats. As a part of the exercise, they moved two people hypothetically with Ebola from Boise to Sacred Heart here in Spokane, which has a special pathogens unit.

“Some people ask me ‘why here? We don't want any part of this’ because they're afraid and they don't know a lot about it and we feel from our perspective that we need to be prepared because you can't plan these things. We don't want to be in a position where something happens and we're not prepared,” Currie says.

That's the main reason why everyone has gathered at the Spokane airport.

“It really shows how it takes a village to work together in an integrative fashion all agreeing and moving forward for the safety of our people and our country,” Currie says.

At the conclusion of the exercise, they’ll review how it went and share best practices.


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