Spokane Councilman helps cleanup 200 used needles from neighborhood

Hiking up a hill in a north Spokane neighborhood isn’t how Councilman Mike Fagan planned on spending his Sunday evening, but then he got a call from a long-time constituent.

“He says ‘Hey Mike I need to text you some pictures’,” said Fagan. “So he texts me a video and a photograph of just a huge amount of used syringes.”

Within minutes, Councilman Fagan showed up to the trail near the Riverview Retirement Community and rolled up his sleeves.

“So I went ahead and used a couple of pieces of cardboard as chopsticks and policed up what I could,” said Fagan. “I would say we probably amassed close to, if not over, 200 syringes.”

Fagan says he called Crime Check, but because it was getting late he didn’t think anyone would be able to respond before the morning.

“I would not recommend anybody else in the general public coming out and policing up syringes like I ended up doing,” said Fagan. “But considering the time of the day, it was and it was getting dark, I didn't feel comfortable that we would get a timely enough response.”

Fagan took the syringes to the Spokane Regional Health District Monday morning to dispose of them.

The needles were found on Riverview Retirement Community property. Staff says they’ve had issues with illegal dumping for years and are considering putting up a fence to keep people out.

Meanwhile, the SRHD says you can safely dispose of used syringes as long as you follow these steps.  

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