Spokane County in assessment mode after declaring state of emergency

Washed out roads, cracks, and standing water are just some of the worries that had the spokane county public works director request a county wide state of emergency at 6:00 a.m. Thursday morning.

"We've experienced a considerable amount of run off, rain on snow the warm temperatures caused the closure of five roads," said Mitchell Reister Spokane County Public Works Director.

In south Spokane County, four roads are closed: Harvard Road between Elder and Stringham Road, Stoughton Road between Larkin and Darknell Road, Chapman Road to Highway 27 and Roberts Road from the Waverly cut off Road to Kelso Road are also both closed.

County crews are checking these roads and others that may have been impacted by the flooding.

"Right now we are kind of in an assessment mode," said Reister.

The amount of damage that has been caused by the flooding is still unknown at this time but the county is saying it could be several hundred thousand dollars in damage.

The assessment does not include anything for private property damage, businesses, or cities impacted by the flooding.  

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