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SPOKANE, Wash. - A day after Governor Jay Inslee announced that face coverings would be required in public spaces starting Friday, Spokane County Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz weighed in on the decision. 

During his daily briefing, Lutz continued to express the importance of wearing face coverings to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. He noted that those droplets can be spread, not only through actions like sneezing and coughing, but also through talking and singing. 

"No single action is going to be sufficient in preventing COVID-19," Lutz said. Rather, prevention comes from a combination of using face coverings, practicing social distancing, staying home when feeling sick, etc.

Lutz was also joined by Cindy Wendle, who leads the business recovery work with Greater Spokane Incorporated She highlighted the free personal protective equipment (PPE) distribution for local small businesses that will be taking place next week. 

The event titled "OPENTogether," will provide businesses and non-profits with 49 and fewer employees PPE supplies including hand sanitizer, disinfecting cleaner, disposable face coverings and cloth face coverings. You can find more information on that event, HERE.

Wendle said that in light of Inslee's announcement, the timing of OPENTogether couldn't be better for the business community and the public. 

Program Specialist with Spokane Emergency Management Simone Ramel-McKay also joined the briefing to discuss efforts from Inslee's office to distribute masks to people living at 200% of the poverty level or lower. Each person will receive two cloth masks through this distribution. 

Spokane emergency management organizations are expected to receive their shipments sometime in July.