Property Tax

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane County Assessor's Office is mailing out over 200,000 new property valuation notices Monday.

The assessments will determine property taxes for 2022. 

Properties were assessed in January of 2021. According to the county, the valuations were determined by real estate sales in 969 statistical neighborhoods.

The county reports that many residential properties have seen a rise in value over the year and commercial properties have seen mixed results. 

The new values will be given to 55 taxing districts. Each district will develop its own levy rate based on the valuation. The new tax rates are set to be finalized in January 2022.  

The county assessor's office has listed the sales used to determine new valuations on their website. You can find your information about your new property value by searching by parcel number or address and selecting sales in the toolbar.

For questions about your valuation, you can email the assessor's office. The email will be printed at the top of the valuation notices along with the phone number of the appraiser assigned to your property.