SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. - "Don't help them succeed." That's the message the Spokane County Sheriff's Office is giving ahead of the holiday season.

As we head into Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas, deputies are asking residents to take some extra steps to protect valuables, package deliveries, future gift purchases and you identity from falling into the hands of thieves.

Here are some ways you can help prevent you and your neighbors from falling victim:

  • Report suspicious activity, vehicles with license plates and take steps to limit a criminal's ability to prey on your valuables or personal information. 
  • Lock your cars and remove items of value or at a minimum, keep them out of sight, such as securing them in a locked trunk. 
  • Don’t leave your vehicle running unattended while it warms up.  Cold hands are far better to deal with than what you will go through if your car is stolen, especially if personal information or valuables are left inside.
  • Schedule a time for your packages to be delivered when you, a family member or a trust neighbor are going to be home.
  • Provide special delivery instructions where packages can be left out of sight or in a secured lockbox.
  • Install a video doorbell or security system that will alert you when someone is on the porch, letting you know when a package has arrived and needs to be picked up. 
  • You can check with your employer to see if personal packages can be delivered there, while you are working. 

If you see anything suspicious, you are asked to call Crime Check immediately at (509) 456-2233 or 911 if you observe a crime in progress.

You can always visit the Spokane County Crime Prevention Website for more information on how to prevent falling victim to a crime. 

  • Contact Spokane Valley Police Crime Prevention Deputy Chris Johnston at 509-477-2592
  • Contact Spokane County Sheriff’s Crime Prevention Deputy David Morris at 509-477-6044