Spokane couple replaces stolen fairy garden for 3-year-old

There’s an update to a story that KHQ brought earlier this week about a thief that stole a birthday present from a 3-year-old girl in Cheney. Gracie had her fairy garden stolen from her grandma’s front yard.

A Spokane man reached out to KHQ and wanted to show her that there are good people in the world. Duane Coulter and his wife set out on a mission to replace Gracie’s fairy garden.  "I just thought it was horrible that that little girl, that's how she's going to think about people and I figured, what the heck, I'll go find it for her," said Coulter.

Coulter met Gracie to give her the surprise on Tuesday. She smiled and told him thank you.

Coulter has a 3-year-old grandson himself and that's why it hit close to home.  “If somebody stole from my little 3-year-old grandson, I would be out of my mind over it and it would really touch me if somebody did something nice for me just out of the blue that I had no idea who they were, and didn't even know they existed," said Coulter.

Gracie can now put a brand new fairy garden together.

Gracie’s family says they weren't expecting an outreach like this. They are grateful for Coulter and what he did with his wife for Gracie.

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