Police department

The Spokane Police Department said crime rates in the area haven't swung wildly up or down since coronavirus-related closures began. 

The department's most recent crime report shows that in the last month, there have been slight increases in a few categories. Those include burglary, robbery and aggravated assault. Again, SPD said those bumps are within the usual margin of error.

Officers said they are monitoring another developing situation. SPD said the Spokane County Jail is releasing people who would normally not get out just yet because they need to have fewer people in the building to meet social distancing requirements and other health guidelines. 

SPD sergeant Terry Preuninger said they can't be sure how that, or all of the other changes the community is experiencing, will impact local crime rates quite yet. 

"You have more people at home, so that's going to make some crimes harder to commit. Having more people at home could cause us to see increases in certain crimes," Preuninger said. "Having people away from the businesses areas and in the neighborhoods could cause an increase there, so we're kind of waiting to see what happens." 

As far as the department's operations are concerned, Preuninger said he is not aware of any SPD officers who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who are in quarantine as of Saturday. He said if and when that happens, the department is prepared to reroute investigative or other staff to keep officers on the roads.