Spokane family desperately searching for kidney for father

A Spokane daughter is hoping for a miracle for her father suffering from kidney failure. With everyone in their family too sick to donate themselves, she said "Help us Hayley."

Marie Townsend tells KHQ her father Lon is the family's lifeline.

"My dad has stage 4 renal failure from an autoimmune disease called IGA Nephritis that has been attacking his kidneys since he was in his 20's," she told KHQ. "He has been able to keep them going with medications but after a work accident in 2012 and a string of surgeries to repair a hand that was eventually lost from the accident, his kidney numbers have dropped to an extremely low rate. A healthy (glomerular filtration rate) GFR for kidneys is 60 or greater. Kidney failure is a GFR of 15. His GFR is 8."

Lon is a father of two who has been married for 26 years. His daughter said he's constantly taking care of everyone else, even after he lost his hand.

"He's been there for me, for my little brother," she said. "He's our rock. He is who takes care of my autistic brother."

She said health issues of her own prevent her from donating the new kidney she said her dad so desperately needs. She said her mother and brother are also not healthy enough to make this donation.

"I have chronic lung infections," she said.

Lon said he's hopeful his story will reach the right person who can give him his life back.

"If I can line up a living donor, someone who is willing to make that sacrifice, to help me and my family, it will make my life a lot better," he said.

If one of you is interested in helping the Townsend family, all you have to do is go to Sacred Heart and say you are interested in donating to Lon Townsend. They will give you further instructions on testing to see if you are a match.

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