SPOKANE, Wash. -- A local four-year-old born with a variety of fatal heart defects has found hope. Doctors at Boston Children's Hospital are able to perform a life-saving procedure he cannot get anywhere else. The family was ecstatic that there was hope, but now they are consumed with worry on how they will get him to the appointment. They say their only option is an RV.

"Noah is just like any normal kid," his mother Tanasha Alderson said. "He loves to play. He loves his brothers and sister, his family."

But unlike so many of his peers, Noah is reliant on oxygen, feeding tubes and more to keep him alive.

"He has four congenital heart defects," Tanasha said. "When he was born, they told us he probably wouldn't live very long."

But an immediate operation after birth gave them the gift of precious time.

"We've been told the surgery he has currently will last four to six years," she said. "He's four now, and he's already started needing increased oxygen over the past year."

His energy is also fading.

"I'm worried, honestly," she said. "Time is running out."

And it's happening just as the family was told the local surgery they were counting on is no longer an option.

"Right now, that's off the table," she said. "(Doctors) said the mortality rate for someone with that surgery and this ventilator, would create too much pressure in the lungs and force the blood flow away from where they need it to go."

Noah's family sought second opinions throughout the Northwest but were told the same thing. That's when Tanasha connected with another mother online. She learned doctors at Boston Children's Hospital had experience and success with Noah's exact condition. She sent them Noah's medical records, and days later, she said she got a call.

"The doctor said, I want you to know there is hope," she said. "There is a surgery, there is something we could do."

Noah was immediately put on their books for an August appointment, but the family's excitement was soon overshadowed by more worry. How would they get there?

"Boston is 3,000 miles away, 6,000 total and traveling with him is very hard," she said. "It's not easy for him to travel."

Because of his required oxygen and the germs that come with a commercial flight, it is too risky prior to such a big surgery. The family said a normal vehicle will not work either.

"Noah also has seizures," she said. "We need space to accommodate his unique needs."

An RV is their only hope. They had one lined up, but it started having electrical problems. With Noah's life reliant on so many machines, they can't take that risk.

"It's my job as his mom to make sure that this can happen for him," she said. "But, it's hard to ask for help. We need him to get there."

That's why the family came to our Hayley Guenthner and said, "help us Hayley." They're hoping Hayley can help them find someone who will find it in their heart to help fix Noah's before it's too late.

"We have no other options," she said. "If he doesn't get the surgery in Boston, that's it. It's all we have."

The family says they will take out an insurance policy to make sure the RV is fully covered. They need something that is in excellent shape so there is a minimal risk for any electrical problems. They are hoping to find an RV by early August as they have to leave for Boston no later than the 7th.

They do have a fundraising page to possibly raise enough money to rent one. If you're interested in that, click HERE.