SPOKANE, Wash. – Vacations, something many Spokanites do every year to escape the treacheries of a long winter. But with a winter snow and ice storm that hit most of the country, not everyone has been able to escape the cold.

Greg Green, a Spokane area entrepreneur, and his wife were on an RV quest to see America. They have been going wherever the wind blows. Three days ago that wind led them right into the heart of a massive weather event that has left millions across Texas without power for days.

“We had this ice storm, much like we had in the days of ice storm Spokane,” Green said. “The last day and a half it’s been basically, shower out of a bucket."

The storm left Green and his wife stranded, but they have a generator that he has been running it around the clock, and he has been feeding what power he can spare to his RV neighbors.

"Like I said we are humbled, but man there are some people who got it a lot worse than we do,” Green said.

 According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the storm has crippled their infrastructure.

“So the fact is, every source of power Texas has access to has been compromised,” Gov. Abbott said.

Greg Green says his generator should last him a week. But power be restored before he runs out of gas?

"They just don't have an answer, they just simply said we are going to have grids come up and come down and we can't tell you what grids they are, we are doing the best we can,” Green said.

And as far as moving onto the next leg of his trip...

"The safest place we could be is here right now,” Green said. "So, we will just bare it out, there are a lot of things worse going on in the world, a lot of people got it a lot worse than we do."

For now, Green and everyone else in Texas are just bracing for more incoming snow and rain in the next 24 hours.