Spokane friends have been playing the same game of tag for 30 years

The game of tag which the movie is based on started in the hallways of Gonzaga Prep in Spokane in 1982. Now nearly 30 years later, that game is being turned into a movie  "I think somebody turned around at the end of one class and said tag you're it. And you don't want to be it, so we took off running down the halls, and we started doing it between class," said one of the players Mike Konesky. 

Not only did they play this game in between class they even took it outside "It was crazy like we would be outside. There would be four guys spread equally spaced apart right out here where you were watching us ready to run," said another player and Gonzaga Prep math teacher Joe Tombari. 

At the end of 1982, Joe Tombari was it. But the game fizzled out for about eight years until they met up for a get together in Seattle and one of the friends in the group suggested to revive it. So they did. One member of the group who is now a lawyer drafted up a legal contract so no one could break the rules of the game.

They live all across the country and meet up once a year in February and the player who has been it for the last 11 months, Searches for one of his buddies whom they can tag and give them the title of being "it." During the off-season, they try to keep in tip-top tag shape "We work a lot of core, yeah you can see that for sure," said Mike.

From the original group of 10 guys, the writers created five composite characters, played by Hamm, Helms, Renner, Hannibal Buress and Jake Johnson. So it's hard to say who's who. But one trait that has remained true to form is how this kids' game has led to lifelong bonds. Never in Joe's and Mike's wildest dreams did they think this game of tag would ever become a movie, "It's just been so surreal. But again, it's been a fantastic ride to ride through with my buddies." added both Mike and Joe.

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