Spokane homeowner catches illegal dumpers on camera

Ben Anderson recently moved to the North Town neighborhood in North Spokane. “'it's been a pretty quiet neighborhood haven't had anything really happen since moving in until this."

Ben was at work and got a notification on his phone. He watched as two men pulled up in a white Chevy Astro van and started to unload their trash on to his property.  "Three wheels, a mattress and a bag of garbage super random and two of the wheels , match one of them doesn't and then one of the wheels has a tire on it like it's totally weird," said Anderson.

Little did these illegal dumpers know than Ben's cameras were recording everything. On the camera's digital portal you can see them pull up and start to unload taking the mattress off the top of the car and taking the bag of trash and wheels placing them right into their car port. The city of Spokane's code enforcement says illegal dumping is a form of littering examples include dumping on private property of another without the property owner's permission. "I just thought it was so crazy that they would choose this location to dump all of their junk. It's weird that they would pick somebody's obviously someone else's home to leave their stuff instead of a vacant field or something like that," Anderson added.

But now it's Ben's responsibility to clean their mess up. And has a message for them "this is probably not the place that they wanted to do this considering I have all of the security cameras set up, and I am definitely working on figuring out who they are, and if I can I'm going to deliver this back to them."

For more information about illegal dumping in Spokane, click here: https://static.spokanecity.org/documents/neighborhoods/codeenforcement/illegaldumping/illegal-dumping-brochure.pdf

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