SPOKANE, Wash. -- Multiple agencies including SWAT, K9 units, and Spokane Police, are responding to a home on Regal and Sinto where a suspect is wanted by the US Marshal. 

Over a dozen law enforcement vehicles surrounded the home, where authorities say the suspect is barricaded in. SPD says the suspect has a warrant out for his arrest by the US Marshals in connection to drug dealings. 

SWAT teams were gathered behind their vehicles while someone from law enforcement spoke into a loud speaker, calling the suspect by the name of Jeffrey Matlock. 

"We are not going away. You are under arrest and you need to exit the residence with nothing in your hands and follow commands provided to you by officers outside. Failure to do so may result in force being used against you" said police over the loud speaker.

Police also mentioned a possible female still inside the residence, but said that she was not one of the suspects. 

This is an ongoing situation and we will post updates to this article as we receive more information.