Spokane man catches runaway gas pump in action

Thomas Brown was on his way to work Tuesday morning when he decided to stop for gas at a Safeway gas station on North Market Street in Hillyard. Brown has been Paying close attention to gas prices because they are skyrocketing. Brown noticed something wasn't right "I had the nozzle in my hand, and I noticed that the price kept going up, and so did the gallons and I was like that's not right," Brown said.

Brown then took out his cellphone and started to record the runaway pump. After the incident, Brown later reported pump number seven to the attendant “I talked to the attendant there at the Safeway, and he says well it's a glitch and walked away he didn't do nothing about it," said Brown.

When KHQ arrived, the pump was still in service. But shortly after our arrival, a Safeway employee went to block the pump and take it out of service. KHQ looked at the inspection service date, and it was recently inspected March 2018.

Thomas wants others to be more aware while they're fueling up “God knows how many other stations they're doing it at. It could just be Safeway; it could be Conoco or Texaco or any of them that could be doing it. You know I just want to make the consumers out there aware to watch the pump," added Brown.


KHQ did receive a statement from Safeway it reads:

"At Safeway, pricing integrity is our highest priority.  We are aware that one of our fuel dispensers charged a customer without pumping fuel today. To our knowledge, this is the first time that any of our fuel dispensers has malfunctioned in this manner.  We immediately offered a refund to the customer, but he left without accepting the money.  After this incident, we have been closely monitoring this fuel dispenser and all others, and this malfunction has not occurred again."

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