Greek driver, 80, arrested for going wrong way on highway

According to search warrant documents obtained by KHQ, a Spokane father is facing several felony charges for drug and sex crimes against young girls, including his two daughters.

The 56-year-old man, who has not yet been charged, is facing Communication for Immoral Purposes, Commercial Sex Abuse of a Minor, and Drug Distribution to Persons Under 18 with Sexual Motivation.

According to the court documents, Spokane Police believe the victims include the man's 17-year-old daughter, his 15-year-old daughter, and five of their friends who are all 14-years-old.

Court documents say that police believe these incidents all occurred over the past six months, from November 2017-May 2018. Police say the man has been sending explicit messages to the girls, offering them drugs in exchange for sex.

The victims, court documents say, said he has routinely been giving them meth, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol and even roofies. In the court documents, Spokane Police say there are videos their detectives have seen that show this man using the drugs with the girls.

In another case, according to the documents, Police say the man installed a video surveillance system in the laundry room across from his teenage daughter's room to spy on his daughter and her friends as they changed. Police say the victims also say he has been sneaking into their room during sleepovers and pulling bathing suits aside to take pictures of the girls.

Court documents say one of the 14-year-old girls says she's saved texts from the 56-year-old man, sent to her. One text reads "you're going into High School got to grow up a little bit like I said this where you can learn stuff and then when you do have a young adult relationship you be able to [expletive]... the lucky boy".

Spokane Police filed the search warrant documents to be able to gain access to the man's personal computer and search his property.

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