Spokane man fed up with brazen neighborhood property crime

One man in Spokane says the crime in his neighborhood just won't quit, and he's saying enough is enough. Even security cameras aren't stopping these thieves.

Early Tuesday morning, the man caught thieves breaking into a van and trying to get into two other SUVs. And it's far from the first time he's caught something like this on camera.

Darren Clift is fed up. For the last four years he's live din the Cannon neighborhood and says criminals are more brazen than ever.

"Mid-spring till about mid-fall, it's constant, almost every single night, unless it's raining and cold, it's guaranteed somebody's going to try something," Darren said.

Two years ago Darren put up surveillance cameras above his apartment building and they've caught a lot. He says thieves have targeted his SUV alone more than a dozen times.

We looked into it and found that property crime in the Cannon neighborhood is actually down so far this year, but Darren would like to see more done.

"I don't blame the police. They're doing a good job," Darren said, "I want to see more of them." 

With the school year almost over and the park across the street soon filled with kids, neighbors like Darren want to make sure they're safe.

"I hope it gets better. I want to see Spokane get back to the way it used to be," Darren said.

Darren says he'd like to see the city hire more officers to deal with all the property crime. Meanwhile, he plans on continuing to record and report everything his cameras capture.

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