Spokane City Hall
Monday night, the Spokane City Council's rules of procedures changed, declaring council positions as full-time jobs without the public's consideration. 
According to a statement from Mayor David Condon, the ruling means the position requires 40 to 50 hours a week.
Mayor Condon is concerned the new ruling will limit the ability for some residents to run council positions as well as higher costs for citizens.
Mayor David Condon issued the following statement about new City Council rules adopted at Monday's Council meeting:

“Buried in what was termed a routine update of the City Council’s rules of procedures is an effort to declare that Council positions are full-time jobs without consideration by the public. The rules conclude that the job of City Council Member is a full time position with a requirement of 40 to 50 hours of work weekly, even though City voters have never codified such a requirement. I am concerned that this change could limit the number of potential candidates for City Council and lead to higher costs for citizens. I remain committed to open and transparent government, and once again, I am disappointed by the Council’s lack of transparency in their actions.”