Wednesday evening the candidates looking to become the next mayor of Spokane squared off again as we get closer and closer to the November election.

The debate was sponsored by greater Spokane Incorporated with the goal of giving those living here in Spokane a chance to hear from each candidate and their position on topics like public safety, transportation and infrastructure and homelessness.

The main focus of this specific forum was on local business and the economy.

Each candidate answered questions from GSI members about how they'd promote small businesses and the local economy while attracting more jobs to the lilac city.

Afterward KHQ spoke with each candidate and asked why they'd be the best choice for local businesses.

Nadine Woodward says "I'm a business owner and I own a business downtown with my husband and I have for six years. We understand the risks and challenges involved and I think its a good thing to have the perspective of signing the front of a paycheck and not just the back of a paycheck."

Ben Stuckart says "I think I'm the only candidate that's had a leadership position in businesses. I know Nadine owns a small business but I've managed a multi-million dollar organization with over 50 employees. The CEO of the city, its 2000 employees, its a billion dollar agency and you need someone with more experience than she has."

Both candidates say there's a lot of work left to do in the next month.

Election day is Tuesday November 5th.