"I'm sorry, it's really hard for me sometimes," Abigail Valentine said.

A year ago today, Valentine had seven children, but after a crash on the South Hill her life was changed forever.

Valentine's oldest, Jeffery Valentine, was struck and killed near 3rd and Liberty Park Place while the 25-year-old was walking down the street at night. Court documents say a car going 40 miles over the speed limit hit and killed him.

"She shattered every bone in his body, she almost took off his left ankle, and when I finally got to view him, it took them twenty hours to put his face back together," Valentine said.

Valentine said what made it even worse for her family; Police think that the woman driving was drunk and on pills. Spokane Police Corporal Theresa Fuller says driving on pills can be just as dangerous as drinking alcohol.

"A lot of people don't realize that even if it's prescribed by a doctor, it's still an intoxicant. Put the alcohol on top of that, and it can have some truly devastating consequences, and in this case that's what happened," Corporal Fuller said.

Attorneys in Spokane say Washington is one of the toughest states when it comes to enforcing DUI laws. According to a finance website, WalletHub, you can Uber from DC to Philadelphia, and it'll still cost you less than a DUI fine.

That's what's so hard for this mother to understand, why anyone would get behind the wheel drunk.

"This one (Jeffery's brother) talks about him a lot, he wants to know when he's going to come out of the box, and I keep telling him he's never coming out of this," Valentine said.

Valentine is part of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. On May 31st, she said members of MADD are having a fundraiser to raise money towards funeral costs for other families in MADD.

To donate, search Vantel Peals Party, and when ordering using the ID #303099 or click the link to her website.