PHOTO: Jewel's Helping Hands Post

SPOKANE, Wash. - Police are investigating after a racist message attached to a rock was thrown through the window of the home belonging to two Jewel's Helping Hands employees.

According to a post by Jason Green, treasurer for the nonprofit, the rock was tossed through one of the windows of the home he shares with Julie Garcia, another Jewel's Helping Hands employee, Friday night.

KHQ reached out to Green who gave a brief statement saying the incident has been "reported to the proper authorities."

The Spokane Chapter of the NAACP also issued a statement on the incident, Pay attention, Spokane. Any acts of this nature are deplorable and cannot be tolerated. We must all be united in addressing and resolving the Caucasian supremacy mindset that continues to refuse to deal with itself and its systemic rot causes, which permeate our society.