Spokane native hoping to earn Olympic spot

This week, Olympic hopeful Greg Billington took a well-deserved break from training in his home town of Spokane. 

"I basically exercise for a living, which is pretty spectacular," he explained. 

Greg now races around the world. He was born in Spokane, but went to high school in London. 

Ken Bell, now the head Cross Country coach at Rogers High School, happened to be working in London during Greg's high school years. 

"He didn't even have proper running shoes, he was in hiking boots and he won real easy," Bell remembers. "I was ready to retire and thought, I'll stick around and see how this guy does." 

Greg trains six days a week to swim 1500 meters, bike 40 kilometers, and then run a 10K - the official Olympic distance triathlon. 

But on this trip back home to see family, he made time to inspire some star Spokane athletes. 

"Not many people can say they ran with an Olympian," said Roberto Lopez, who is headed to the State cross country championships in a week, representing Rogers High School. "Greg's the best person I've ever met, he's my idol now." 

And to all you runners and bikers and swimmers in Spokane, he says, "if you just stay relaxed and committed, you're going to make it happen." 

You can follow Greg's quest for a trip to the Olympics here: 




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